The Rules and the Course of the Game

The game board consists of 72 squares. Each square corresponds to a condition we experience in the life (anger, envy, jealousy, joy, happiness…) These squares are located in 8 planes of existence. Each square contains a message the person needs at the moment to understand a particular experience. The player will be directed to a particular square until they understand and accept its message.
The game board depicts arrows and snakes. Arrows are what lifts us to more elevated conditions of existence. On the contrary, snakes sting us and push us down. Some conditions lead us to rises while others lead to falls.

The Game has a start and an end.

At the start, the player formulates the request they want to get answers to.
Before the start of the game, the player’s symbol appears in square 68 - Cosmic Consciousness. The game hasn’t yet begun, first the player has to go through Genesis. And this is a complicated thing to do.

To be born in the game, you have to roll a six when you throw the die. This can be difficult. Some players may never come up with a 6. This indicates that the request for the game, in all likelihood, should be reformulated.

After the player throws a 6, they move to square 1 – Genesis. At this moment, all the 6 elements join together: water, earth, fire, air, ether, and the person throwing the die. This means that the player is ready to explore their life, is ready to accept hints from the Universe.
Then the symbol immediately moves to square 6, Illusion. Welcome to this illusory world!
After that, the die is rolled once again.

If the player lands on a square where there is the base of an arrow, they move to the square where its tip is located. And if they land on a square where a snake’s head is depicted, they move down along the board to the beginning of its tail.

The main rule is: the game must be completed.

The game is over when the player returns to square 68, which represents the person's unification with themselves. The circle is closed. The game ends where it has started.

There can be situations when the player moves past this game-ending square and lands on squares 69, 70 or 71 – the three primary aspects of consciousness. Stepping over square 68 is a gift for the player, a possibility to assert their plans for the life.
In this case, the player has to roll a number necessary for them to be able to make a move. If a number is rolled that leads past square 72, the player remains in place. Eventually, you must land on square 72 where there is a snake’s head, go down to square 51 – Earth, and continue the game.
The game can be ended not only in square 68. If the player feels that they have quite figured out what the game wants to tell them, they can simply end the game.

Important! If you have decided to end the game without getting to its end, you should stop in a square that doesn’t cause any negative emotions. It must be favorable for the player and their game target.

You cannot win or lose the Game. Hearing the voice if the Game, accepting the path of transformation – this is the victory. The goal of this game is to help you get rid of identifications and become better. The Game will be completed when you return to your true self, become the essence of the game.