The Request for the Game 

The request for the game is the entry point, the door to the inner metaphorical space where there already exists an answer to any request. Here, during the course of the game, you will find the decisions, paths, and ways out on your own. The game will allow you to create a safe space where you have the right to make mistakes, where an atmosphere of acceptance and interaction is formed, which is very important for your development, personal fulfillment, looking for the limitations, and expanding the boundaries of the possible.

Your request may be either spiritual or material, from any sphere of life: love, career, creativity, health, work, family, relationships, self-actualization.

Your request for the game must be specific, clearly articulated, and reflect the real goal you want to achieve. It is important that it be of relevance particularly for you, and formulated on your behalf.

The request must come from the heart.

One game takes place for one request.

The Request Keys 

- How do I achieve a particular goal?

- What do I have to do in order to have my wish?

- How do I change my relations with a particular person?

- What is important for me to understand?

- What are the reasons for the absence (presence) of something (somebody) in my life?

- How do I build a harmonious relationship with a particular person?

- What is my purpose at this stage in my life?

- I want to see a path to something.

- Why do I have my illness?

Checking Your Request for Internal Contradictions

To check your request, give yourself the answers to the following questions:

- Is this really what I want?

- Is it me or somebody else who wants this?

- Do I want this, or do I have to do this?

- What do I really want?

- What does my heart want?

- What other goal (need, desire) is there behind this request?

- What will happen if this request isn’t implemented?