How to analyze the Game

Each square description is a hint. Depending on the player’s condition, situation, and request, the hint may be either literal or metaphorical. The way this hint is interpreted, is the right way at the moment.

After the game is completed, a record of the game will be generated. Pay attention to the following points:

- The squares with a snake’s head which you moved downwards from

- The squares where you landed more than twice

- Recurrent moves, especially if they resulted in falls

- The squares which you were lifted up from along the arrows

- The squares and their descriptions that struck a nerve, caused some powerful emotions

These are the main points required for further work.

First, pay attention to the squares that had a strong emotional impact on you. It is desirable to study them in the first turn, this will give you more strength and energy both for your further work at the request and for the life.

After that, make sure to pay attention to the squares where a snake’s head is depicted. You have fallen from those squares to planes of existence. Pay special attention to the ones you fell from several times. You need to thoroughly reread the existence condition that corresponds to this square, and the square after your fall. Think why it happened, what corresponds to these existence conditions in your life.

Next, study the squares where you landed twice or more, why you had to go through them again and again during the course of the game. The game shows that these existence conditions are significant for your request for the game. They have to be understood and examined.