About the game

Leela. Snakes and Arrows isn’t just a game. The philosophy of this game is based on the Indian sacred texts.

There are many known versions of the game. More than fifty variants can be found in different museums of the world, most of which have been discovered in India, Nepal, and Tibet.
People have played this game for thousands of years. It can still help one find their path and achieve their life goals.

The wise men who had discovered this game used it to understand their own condition at the moment. When watching their movement from square to square they could see exactly which snakes brought them to fall, and which arrows led them. They purposefully kept track of the picture created by their moves around the board. When going through the game again and again they closely observed their reactions when they landed on a particular square. By watching their inner space, they developed their state of non-involvement. At the same time, the game’s structure allowed them to be deeper and deeper inspired with the divine principles and knowledge which the game is based on. Studying the scriptures and exploring your own Self, combined into one process: this is what makes Leela, the game of self-cognition, unique.

When we play the game of Leela, the game board that our game symbol moves on will act as some sort of a microcosm where all of this world is present like in a hologram. Thus, the insights and realizations we get in the course of this game are automatically transferred into the macrocosm, that is, this universe. In this way, we can transform our destinies when we become aware of the things that used to be hidden from us.